“Green Lemonade” Pt 2

Today I followed my intended recipe (see prior post). The only other change is that I realized yesterday I used red kale, and today I used green kale. WTF is kale, anyway? What else is it used for?

Anyway, the results were much better. First, I got a lot more juice. I filled up the juice catcher to the point where it started to overflow just as I finished (oops). Second, it took a lot less time to do the actual juicing. Celery is a perfect food to juice because you can push/guide the other foods into the juicer with the stalks. Third, the actual juice is less challenging. It’s a much lighter green and tastes vaguely of V8 (that must be the celery). This batch isn’t as limey as the first was. which I guess makes sense seen I got more jucie but used the same number of limes. But it also isn’t bitter. The ginger flavor is still too subtle. So probably next time, another (or a bigger) lime and more ginger.

The downside of all this is that I can’t see myself having time to go through all this on a weekday. At best, I could juice the night before. Maybe that wouldn’t be so bad, though. I had the tail end of yesterday’s juice in the afternoon and the flavor had improved quite a lot. I guess, like a good stew, it needs time for the flavors to blend.

12 thoughts on ““Green Lemonade” Pt 2

  1. hi
    yes similar pproblem this side of the pond, the romain is ok but could only get kale loose in a bag, and this does not juice it just wizzes straight out !!
    otherwise limes and ginger great help

  2. Have you figured out any way to get the juice to “keep”. Even if I make 2 days worth, it seems like by the second day its tasting a bit…less than fresh, let’s say. Not off, but just…you can tell that its old.

  3. dragonchaser, I’ve read your post because I have in my mind to start doing the raw food diet. Question, did you do any cleanse before you start? I know is less than a week but are you lossing any weight? Thanks.

  4. well, reading well is almost a month do you loss any weight? do you have to drink this “green lemonade” all day? or just in the morning?

  5. I lost about 5 pounds early in the program, but haven’t lost any more since. However I haven’t been 100% sticking to the diet, and haven’t been getting much exercise.

    The Green Lemonade thing is really hard for me because it doesn’t keep. Washing all the veggies & fruit, juicing them, and then cleaning the juicer is too big a job to do before work in the morning. I should do it the night before but often don’t. So I’ve been eating fruit for breakfast instead. At lunch I generally eat meat (a turkey wrap) and at dinner I’m all over the place. Often I’ll make a sandwich of cucumber, tomato and a bit of goat cheese on sprouted grain bread. Or a big salad with lettuce, raw almonds or cashews, dried cranberries or some other dried fruit, cucs and tomatos and sometimes, again, a bit of goat cheese.

    I really need to get in the habit of making the green lemonade the night before. Which also means LOTS of produce shopping!!

  6. Any new since the last post? any weight loss? Today is my 4th day of 7 doing a body cleanse, waiting to start this regiment and the exercises on Saturday.

  7. Honestly, I’ve been slacking. I have coffee today, and a piece of cake yesterday!

    I think I need to go back and start over. On the other hand, since I’ve started slacking, I’ve been noticing that I’m feeling less…upbeat or something. So at least I know the whole detox thing does in fact make me feel better in the long run…

    Let me know how it works out for you!

  8. Hello, I started the diet last Saturday, and really is a lot of produce shopping and not finding what you want is quite stressing, but am getting use to it. I like it, I was surprise this is only my 4th day and I only cook once, the salmon. Easy to make recipe, and the green lemonade is not too bad, I made a lot for the week. Just waiting on Saturday to see any result.

  9. After making my first batch of green lemonade…. I made a few adjustment in my recipe….

    1 large Fuju apple
    1 large lemon or lime (peel the lemon or lime)
    1 inch of ginger
    1 stalk of kale
    1 bulk of spinach
    1 large head of romaine lettuce
    Like the way the spinach taste versus the kale taste.

  10. Is a stalk of kale just one leaf? How much spinach is “a bulk”?
    I tried green lemonade from the Juice Zone, a store near me. I liked it, but want to try it with different greens.

  11. I wonder if you can freeze the green lemonade and make popsicles out of it, and that’s a way to make it ahead of time. You can just take a popsicle out and let it thaw…anybody tried that?

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