Since I bought my new iMac I’ve been spending almost all my time in OS X “Tiger”. I even shelled out $100 for a .Mac account so I could sync bookmarks and mail accounts and stuff between my 3 active Macs.

Then I found out that .Mac only syncs Safari bookmarks. Doh! But I’m kind of liking Safari 2.0, especially the quick and easy RSS reading.

But I really hated losing Firefox’s cool “Find at you type” feature. So I went back to the ‘fox (not a bad thing, mind you…its an excellent browser).

Then today, I stumbled upon AcidSearch. This is a little ‘plug in’ for Safari that gives you mega-super-duper search options from the search bar, AND the ‘find-as-you-type’ feature I’d been missing out on.

So far it seems to work great. And better yet, its freeware. Check it out, Mac users!