We finished watching Berserk last night. I’d played a game based on this anime on, iirc, the Dreamcast a long while ago.

It was pretty intense anime. The major flaw was the main character being named “Guts” which is mighty hard to take seriously.

The whole series is one long flashback. It starts off with Guts as a grizzled warrior and flashes back to show how he got (partway) to where he is today.

The end of it really left me wanting more, but I guess they never made a Season 2, so I’ve ordered the first of the Berserk manga.

This was a swordplay series, more or less pseudo-medieval setting. None of the wacky comedy that a lot of anime sprinkles into a serious series.

Definitely for mature audiences, as the violence is very graphic, and the themes are quite mature.

It takes a while to grab you…if you decide to try it, promise to sit through a least the first 2 DVD’s before making a judgement.