Game almost over for Doom creator?

Sorry no posts in so long. Work has been crazy and, ahem, I do most of my posting from work. 😉

Anyway, looks like Carmack is thinking about dumping games and focusing on space. Such tough decisions this guy has to make, eh? Well, he’s earned it. Nice to see him using his success in ways that are interesting to him, rather than just squatting on a pile ‘o cash.
Game almost over for Doom creator?

One thought on “Game almost over for Doom creator?

  1. Wouldn’t surprise me much. He’s always seemed to me to be a really smart guy who isn’t much interested in the “game” part of games. Space offers him much more potential than writing graphics engines at this point, so…

    Good luck to him, anyway. The more interest in commercial space exploration the better.

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