Is Your Cat Crazy?

I finished reading Is Your Cat Crazy last night. Its a great book if your cat is going to the bathroom in places other than his kitty litter box, and you are an utter moron. Because basically the book consists of case after case after case of cats with litter box problems caused by various maladies.

If your cat is having ‘accidents’ and you’re NOT an utter moron, pick this up in a bookstore, quickly skim through the chapter on litter boxes issues, put the book down, then go home and fix the problem (hint: plastic carpet liners figure prominently). You probably don’t need to be told the same thing 35 times before you get it, right?

If the litter box isn’t the problem spot, then Mr. Wright suggests throwing a toy to distract that cat from his bad behavior, and getting your vet to prescribe anti-anxiety medicine for a while. And that’s pretty much it.

OK, I exaggerate some, but really the information density of this book is pretty light. Is Your Cat Crazy? has more fluff then little Tiger does. Har har har! I slay me. 😛

3 thoughts on “Is Your Cat Crazy?

  1. So you never answer the question, “Is your cat crazy?” 🙂

    You should have known the book would have problems with the “your cat” in the title.
    Look for “Are you being a proper slave to the superior being that shares your living space?”
    instead. 🙂 (Disclaimer, there is no such book that I know of, we slaves have to learn
    things by trial and error.)

  2. LOL! That’s a very good point. And that actually reminds me…for a book with a kind of silly name and crazy cover, the author’s delivery was pretty matter-of-fact and uninteresting.

  3. I never understood blogs or bloggers, but I must point out that this book it not only extremeley helpful, but very entertaining. his book was a great find for me, and I thank Dr. Wright for helping me with my feline issues.

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