King Arthur

Yet another film I saw this week. This one is inredibly misunderstood and it saddens me to see people who I’m sure would really enjoy it turning their noses up based on the trailers.

This isn’t your typical King Arther tale. This is a Dark Ages King Arthur, a Roman soldier faced with fighting back an invading Saxon army while the might of Rome is leaving the people of Britain to fend for themselves. Arthur, who is actually half-British, can’t find it in his heart to leave the common folk to be slaughtered by the Saxons (who are killing and burning everything as they advance) so he stays to fight.

The knights are there against their will. Merlin is the leader of the Woads (the native people that have been driven north of Hadrian’s Wall by the romans) and there’s not a spot of magic or mention of a Holy Grail throughout the film.

It might be easier to ignore the title and just see it from the point of view of a Dark Ages period piece. Its a damned fine film and its a shame that its being overlooked by so many.