Lilo & Stitch

So I watched Lilo & Stitch today, and I actually found it somewhat refreshing, for a Disney animated movie. Lilo was a screwed up little kid, and today there are so many screwed up little kids in the world that it was nice, for once, to not see the perfect child as a star. And even her sister…her tummy had a bit of extra weight on it and she really shouldn’t have been wearing navel-baring shirts. So in a way the movie rang very true to me.

Stitch had some neat animations, but as is so often the case, the CGI animation and the hand drawn animation really didn’t blend well. The basic story has been done to death but there were enough fun twists and angles to it that it made it quite enjoyable. Some of the voices seemed wrong…Lilo’s sister sounded more Hispanic than Hawaiian to my ears, but then I’ve never been to Hawaii.

All in all though, a fun film. Nothing amazing…just a decent rental for a rainy day.