Smallville Season Finale

[WARNING: Smallville season finale spoilers incoming!]

So I’ve been watching Smallville for two seasons, perhaps? And I’m finding myself really enjoying it, even though I’ve never been a Superman fan.

But man, this looked like a series ending sequence of events, and I’m told the show is supposed to be back next year. But can we take stock?

Lana Lang moves to Paris to go to art school. OK, I guess the whole Clark & Lana on-again/off-again thing was getting played out, and the show’s writers have to work within the Superman mythos so the two can’t be a couple. Still, I’ll miss those sappy looks she was always pasting on. Kreuk (Kruek?) is a hottie but man is her acting 1 dimensional. May be the director’s fault, though.

Pete moves to Witchita. OK, no bigger I guess. He was a good foil though. Now Clark is gonna have to solo 100% of the time.

Lionel in jail. Somehow I don’t think that’ll slow him down much, so that’s ok.

Lex…dead? Well he can’t be, we all know that. He needs to be Superman’s nemesis.

Jonathon Kent….dead? Dunno when Clark Kent’s parents died. This might be real. He’s been used as a deus ex machina (as a conduit for Clark’s biological father) a few times too many so I think him being gone wouldn’t be a bad thing for the show.

Chloe….dead? That would just suck too hard. Chloe is possibly the most interesting character in the show (ok, maybe just behind Lex). I mean could that yank Lana and Chloe at the same time? But man, she really looked like a deader in that scene…I don’t see how they’ll write her back to life.

So we’re left with the Adventures of Clark Kent and his Ma Martha.

How can that be? And for the most part, or the threads were tied off. I mean it could easily have been a series finale…I almost wonder if it should’ve been. How many more stories are there to tell here?

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  1. I hope they don’t have Clark flying-around-the-world-to-make-it-turn-backwords-to-turn-back-time a la superman one – that would be plain wrong!

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