I just watched a movie called Druids in English, and Vercing�torix in French. It wasn’t a great movie. But it portrayed a period of history that had never even crossed my mind before. In fact I wasn’t sure it was based on real history at all until I did some Googling.

Turns out that Vercing�torix was a Gaul chieftain who opposed Julius Ceasar for a time around 52BC (when Ceasar finally defeated him). If you search on his name you’ll find a lot of pages in French, but sadly I don’t read French very well. But I did find a couple of links in English:
The Iron Age in the Auvergne
From Antiquity to the Middle Ages
Neither of these are extensive references but they at least show that the movie was based at least loosely on history. And so I’m glad I saw it, from the point of view of it exposing me to a bit of history that, as I said, I’ve never even considered before.