Robot Wars

I’ve got a new guilty pleasure that I want to share with you all. TechTV is not showing “Robot Wars”, which is the original British version of what was copied and aired as BattleBots on Comedy Central in the US.

Except…it’s much better! I can put my finger on it, really. The host if Craig Charles, who was Lister on Red Dwarf. The “robots” are really remote controlled vehicles, as was the case with BattleBots. But…I guess they just take it more seriously on this show. YOU don’t have to, but they do. Sorta like, and I cringe to make this association, but sort of like WWF.

What gets fascinating, though, is the emergence of robot themes as things go on. First they were all about buzz saws and hammers, then came the flippers, which just slide an arm under their opponent and flip ’em on their backs. To combat the flippers, bots were built with lower and lower ground clearance, but the flippers just got lower and lower. Then came bots that had no ‘top’ so if they got flipped, they land on a second set of wheels and keep going. And so on.

What I’m amazed at is I find myself really rooting for one team in a good match. Seeing two ‘bots circling each other, trying to get in a killer move, starts to get really engrossing.

FWIW, I thought Battle Bots was just silly. But Robot Wars is actually pretty interesting. Check it out.