Finally got to see Spiderman. Work sent four of us to one of these deluxe theaters where you can have food, drinks and stuff while watching the movie in a chair that’s big enough to be comfortable. Personally, I would’ve rather had a $500 bonus but these days you take what you can get, I guess (this year we’ve been blessed with a 10% pay cut and 3 rounds of layoffs). Anyway, the theater was pretty nice. Two of the guys I went with talked through the whole thing, which was pretty irritating.

As to the movie itself, it was pretty damned fun. It didn’t quite break the barrier into the ‘love’ zone, but I certainly liked it. I’ll definitely get the DVD when it comes out and watch it a few more times. Special effects were stunning and there were some fun cameos, like Lucy Lawless in a very quick part (LL=Xena, and the director of Spiderman, Sam Raimi, was director of Xena). (OK, gotta admit, I didn’t even recognize Lucy Lawless, but noted her name in the credits.) The plot was pretty true to the Spidey comics and we got good and set up for the sequel (Oh christ, I just wrote SQL instead of sequel… what the hell is happening to me!? Har!)

So, weak-willed bastard that I am, I bought the XBox version of the Spiderman game on the way home… heh. Haven’t got very far though.

So now its almost 11 and I still haven’t really done anything tonight… taking Friday off though. Maybe I can catch up on some projects then.