Oh, crippee! I can’t believe I forgot to mention this… I saw a ghost today. First ghost I’ve seen in a long time, actually. It was in an odd place, too. At the office, in a little alcove with a few vending machines. I was standing there trying to decide whether it’d be M&M’s or Reese’s Pieces, and it came in behind me, walked around me and behind the vending machines (which kind of stick out from the wall rather than being flat against them) and vanished.

I used to work in a place that was haunted as hell. Several of my co-workers reported wierd events, and I’d often sense someone had come up behind me (nothing unusual in that… this wasn’t an office job and folks were wandering around all the time) then glance up to deliver some idle chat and realize no one was there. And I mean, I’d be absolutely POSITIVE someone was standing behind me. I’d feel their presence…no question about it. And then look up and… no one. A friend of mine opened a door and had a dog come charging out of it, only she turned around and no dog was there. That was weird.

Are these ghosts the spirits of people (or dogs) who’ve shrugged off their mortal coil? I have no idea. Maybe there’re just caused by some low frequency sound or weird lighting… or maybe they’re something more supernatural. I will say that none of the ghosts I’ve seen have ever frightened me, nor have I actually *seen* anything, so much as I’ve felt it. It’s a mystery that I choose to leave alone. We all need some mysteries in our lives.