Blogger slowness

Today is my first experience with using Blogger during prime time, and I have to say its pretty horrific (very slow to load). Also, the posting tool sometimes doesn’t work in Mozilla, at least under Mac OSX. So I’m back to considering using some other service, or some local tool. I don’t mean this as a knock against Blogger… I think its a very cool service. Just possibly not for me.
I’ve heard good things about Geeklog so I’m going to install it on my TiBook and see how things go. If anyone reading this has had any experience with Geeklog, please drop me a line. psmith at this domain works as an email addy.

Even if I stay with Blogger, I need some more functionality. Quick project list:

  • Comments
  • Link Maintainence Tool
  • Project List & Tools to maintain that

On the one hand, building this stuff could be kindof fun and I’d get some semi-serious experience with PHP and MySQL (I work in a StoryServer/Oracle environment by day… pity me). On the other hand, there’re a lot of other projects swimming around in my head. Lack of time is such a burden… I feel it crushing me everytime I stop to think.