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So it looks like RealTime Worlds is going belly up. And everyone seems so sad about it. I’m sad about it. I really had fun playing APB and was looking forward to playing it some more once they got a few patches into it. Sure, the game wasn’t perfect…what game […]

I was listening to GiantBomb’s podcast, the BombCast, yesterday, and Jeff Gerstmann was talking about APB. He did a real hatchet job on the game, talking at length about things he didn’t like about the game. In some cases, things that don’t actually exist in APB. Now in all fairness […]

In APB every character has to choose a faction: Enforcer (cops) or Criminal. I almost always play “good” characters when gaming; I really don’t like doing bad things to people, even pretend people. But in APB I choose Criminal because, well, I’ve played GTA IV (at least, until Niko’s forced […]

So back I went to APB today, and continued my love/hate relationship with the game. I’ve found, as someone who solos as a rule, that accepting “Call for Backup” missions is my favorite way to go. When you accept one of these you get thrown into the group that called […]

Today started “Early Access” in APB. I logged in this morning and spent some time making a character and a shirt that looks like it came from Woot and putting decals on a car. I didn’t get to actually play until later this evening. APB is a pretty humbling experience, […]

First, I should state that I’ve dabbled in the beta of APB. I got into the closed beta the night before it ended, and I’m in the current short-term beta, though haven’t had a lot of time to play. I’m under NDA (I think? RPS implies it has been lifted. […]