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Today TechCrunch posted a really stupid article called Why Iím Craigslisting My iPads. It isn’t timely (we saw many similar articles in April) and the author clearly had no idea what an iPad was when he bought it. Basically he was looking for a laptop replacement, and the iPad isn’t […]

My work weeks are hectic these days, so even though I bought my iPad last Monday, I never got to put my feet up and spend an hour or two just *using* it until Friday night. But all weekend I’ve been using it a lot. I’ve now identified my likes […]

First I have to say, most of this post (I assume) applies to the iPhone and iPod Touch as well as the iPad. So today I had my first lover’s spat with the iPad. It was my fault, really. I keep falling into the trap of thinking of it like […]

You can catch up on my iPad journey here. It takes me through Monday morning. By that time I’d ordered an iPad online and was prepared to wait for the April 12th ship date. Then I got to work and my co-worker had his and was showing it off. It […]

Yesterday this was posted at “The Unofficial Apple Weblog”: If you’re feeling overwhelmed from the onslaught of YouTube forwards, newsreader headlines, Miniclip games and software demos we tirelessly blog for you, Procrastinatr just might be your solution. Even though it’s only a 0.8b version, this handy little app can help […]

DLO Flexible Dock Cable for iPod shuffle I don’t have an iPod Shuffle, but if I did, this would be a pretty neat gizmo to have since the USB ports on my iMac are on the back of the system.

Since I bought my new iMac I’ve been spending almost all my time in OS X “Tiger”. I even shelled out $100 for a .Mac account so I could sync bookmarks and mail accounts and stuff between my 3 active Macs. Then I found out that .Mac only syncs Safari […]

Apple’s Jobs says company will support Podcasts SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Apple Computer Inc. (AAPL.O: Quote, Profile, Research) will support and organize podcasts in the next version of its iTunes and iPod software, the company said on Monday. read the rest… Sweet, even though I’ve already shelled out $20 for […]

Check this out! I want one! radioShark is essentially Tivo for your radio. Hook it up to your Mac and set it to record Car Talk (or whatever) every week, then dump it to your iPod for listening to at your leisure!

Because I’m nothing if not fickle, I’ve stopped using AmphetaDesk as my newsreader. Yes, I know I raved about it, and I still think its pretty sweet software, and works across operating systems to boot. But now I’ve become a NewNewsWire Lite fan. Its Mac OS X only though. But […]