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Spent a pretty quiet day today. One highlight, so to speak: the GM who I’ve been griping about sent me an email, thanking me for my dedication and so on. Said she had to be at another meeting right after the layoffs (without going into details, this makes sense) and […]

Today I had to return to the scene of the crime. I needed to drop off a signed severance agreement as well as return a book that my IM had lent me. I went no further than reception…I really didn’t want to face my former co-workers again. As it turned […]

Today was a strange day. I spent most of my time acting like it was just another day off. But interspersed in these relatively mild periods were pockets of total rage. But not rage against the decision to lay me off. Rage against how certain factions of the company suddenly […]

I was laid off from my job of, oh, eight years today. As a kind of geek social experiment, I’ve decided to chronicle the experience. Day 1 Actually, it all started yesterday (well, actually it started about 18 months ago, but I’ll limit the discussion to the immediate events). In […]

Yesterday this was posted at “The Unofficial Apple Weblog”: If you’re feeling overwhelmed from the onslaught of YouTube forwards, newsreader headlines, Miniclip games and software demos we tirelessly blog for you, Procrastinatr just might be your solution. Even though it’s only a 0.8b version, this handy little app can help […]

So last weekend I had my first anime expo experience. I told a friend about it in an email and she urged me to do a DC post about it, so here goes nothing. This is a slight re-rewrite of that email so its even more informal than what I […]