Anatomy of a Layoff: Day 3

Today I had to return to the scene of the crime. I needed to drop off a signed severance agreement as well as return a book that my IM had lent me. I went no further than reception…I really didn’t want to face my former co-workers again.

As it turned out, I ran into both a former peer and the IM. The peer was not happy; due to the layoffs her vacation had been cancelled. How’s that for management screwing the employees? “Sorry, but due to us whacking one of your co-workers without thinking things through, your vacation is cancelled.” Way to boost morale.

The IM happened to be walking out as I was standing at the desk. An awkward silence, then we both said “Hello” while trying not to look at, or acknowledge, each other. This was pretty strange since I still believe my termination was not her idea and I hold no animosity towards her. Yet she had been the one weilding the axe and something primal in me resents that.

Hmm, I’m not even sure if its resentment of the events, so much as resentment and frustration that I can’t allow myself to really say what I’m thinking. I’d love to point out how she looks from my side of the fence, having told me that what has now happened was not going to happen. But to say that would just be hurtful, because I know she knows what she said, and again, I don’t believe that this was her idea. The other individual that was let go was a peer of mine but had a different manager, which suggests the call came from the GM.

In any event, that’s done and now I don’t have to go back there for anything. I had a slight panic/anxiety attack as I pulled into the parking lot. But the receptionist is one of the sweetest ladies you’ve ever met and she put me right at ease, so in the end the visit wasn’t so bad.

After that, I went to Target and bought a Brita water filter because I don’t think I should be buying bottled water any more. Weird the things that pop up as being important money-saving devices! And then to Best Buy to pick up a copy of a computer game. I got to the register and almost turned around and put it back. So damned strange…something that would’ve been so casual on Monday was a Big Purchase that I felt I had to justify today on Thursday.

One other freakish thing happened today. I got an email that said:

Thank you for your time yesterday I am sorry I am just getting to e-mailing you the job spec today; my computer has been giving me problems. Please reply with the soft copy of your reume and I will get the process moving.

It wasn’t addressed to me. I assumed it was some kind of spam/phishing junk mail, but the attached file was indeed a job description, and the addressee had a name with the same first initial as mine, so it could’ve been an honest typo of an email address.

I actually replied to the email telling the recruiter that she’d emailed the wrong person, and pointing out the oddness since I’d just been laid off. She responded saying she’d like to talk to me more and giving me her phone number.

Weird, huh? It seems like a legitimate company but I’m still looking for the telltale evidence that it’s some kind of scam email.