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Nintendogs Teach Us New Tricks I have a Nintendog. This article is spot on.

Well, the DVD-HD/Blu-Ray talks have broken down, so it looks like there won’t be any kind of unified format… so time to start keeping score again. According to CNN, Lion’s Gate has hopped on the Blu-Ray train. Let’s hope more studios follow suit.

This is just a temporary post. I’m in the midst of compiling a list of sites that I’d like to visit from my PSP… http://www.pspdrive.com/psp/ http://pgoz.com/

For the sake of simplicity, I’ll say I finished One Continuous Mistake: Four Noble Truths for Writers by Gail Sher tonight. But the truth is, I’m not ‘finished’ with it. Rather, I just completed my first cover-to-cover read-through. The book will remain on my nightstand indefinitely. This is a hard […]

So, I finally finished Spiritual Housecleaning by Kathryn L. Robyn. What a chore that was. Now, I should set the stage by explaining that I found this book in the laundry room of my apartment building (its the traditional spot for folks to leave things that are no longer wanted […]

So I was sitting at my computer tonight surfing around, not really paying attention to anything, when suddenly I heard the cat going crazy. I turn around to see a huge bug flying around the room and the cat trying to catch it. But then I realize that this thing […]

  VS   When I first came up with the idea of comparing these two books, I was a little worried they’d be so similiar as to be interchangeable. Boy, was I wrong. I also kind of assumed that Alex Jamieson would be a little bit whacky, being hooked up […]