PSP Friendly sites

This is just a temporary post. I’m in the midst of compiling a list of sites that I’d like to visit from my PSP…

36 thoughts on “PSP Friendly sites

  1. this one is really good for game demos.(i think who ever made it is obsessed with ff7)

  2. and (download mp3 tales and enjoy those or/and read there tales

  3. My own weblog which will automatically reformat page when viewed on PSP (server-sided so loads as fast as possible).

    RSS section contains feeds where you can download PSP content (ie. Bleach episodes in MP4 format).

  4. any youtube like sites for the psp avaible on the psp? Dubbed anime sites for the psp? What if sony made a website where people can post MP4 vids online and it can be acessed by the PSP? That would be cool

  5. does any1 no where i can download eng dubbed anime in psp format 4 free i cant fynd 1 🙁

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