How I roll(play)

Yesterday I had very little leisure time, and consequently I have nothing to say today. So I thought I’d try something a little different and share my technique for role-playing in MMOs. I’m just not quick-witted enough to role-play in ‘real time’ in games, but I do like to gin up some kind of storyline that explains where my character(s) come from.

In the case of Pirates of the Burning Sea, I was in a guild called The Highland Confederacy. The premise of this guild was that they were a group of Scottish, Irish and Welsh Jacobites fighting on the side of France. In game terms, we figured the English faction was going to be over-crowded, so this allowed us to play under the flag of France but still speak English.

I was playing two characters, a trader and a a privateer. The two were brothers. But what brought them to the New World and led them to The Highland Confederacy? I decided to chronicle their story as a series of log entries written by the elder brother, Morgan Rhydderch of Wales. I had fun weaving some history into their story.

This is pretty long so, y’know, I won’t be offended if you don’t read it all. And I’d best break the post here so I don’t swamp the RSS feeds out there. 🙂

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The clothes make the Witch Hunter

Last night was all about the PvE. I wasn’t really in the mood for company, and my Witch Hunter wasn’t really in the bracket for it, either. Well, when I started up for the evening he was rank 11, which is exactly the point where you should enjoy some RvR, but soon after he rolled over to 12 and was a noob again.

I also hit Troll Country for the first time; I thought things were grim in Nordland and Norsca, but these poor bastards…their gods have abandoned them. It is beyond me how they continue to hold on to any sliver of hope, faced with troll incursions on one side, demons on the other, and a mutation plague running rampant amongst them. Stinking nobles can’t be trusted.

Along the way to rank 13 I upgraded just about every piece of gear I own. I also finally got a cloak and spent a bit more time than I’m comfortable admitting to in deciding what colors to dye it. I think we have here a perfect indicator of role players vs non-role players. When you see a Witch Hunter run past with bright yellow thigh-high boots and a plain white cloak…you can pretty much bet that’s not a role player. 🙂 I ended up going with forest green and a sky blue trim, and dyed those awful yellow boots a basic brown with forest green highlights (these images don’t reflect the latest boots). Next bit of kit was a bandoleer and now I’m looking like a witch hunter. I just need the hat.

I feel like I’ve burned through Troll Country awfully quickly, unless there’s a bunch more quests I’m about to unlock. I’m stationed now at the last fortress before leaving the zone, I think. But a couple more levels and I can head out into the contested areas and see what that additional 50% exp for killing opposing players feels like.