In which Saylah does my job for me…

I was going to rant on about why I enjoy solo play in MMOs tonight, but I’m feeling pretty talked out (thanks to a long comment-discussion at Stylish Corpse) and generally snarky (thanks to spending 90 minutes in a Verizon store today) and anyway, Saylah said in a paragraph pretty much what I was going to say in like 10,000 words. I’m referring to the last paragraph of her post.

I’m not some kind of solo zealot or anything, but my style and my personality (yes, I know you all think I’m warm and cuddly, but really I’m pretty much a prickly bastard with very little patience in real life) just lend themselves to solo play a lot more often than to group play. I like having other players around me to talk to, trade with, and most of all, just to watch (I love the aspirational aspects of seeing high level characters with crazy gear and knowing that eventually I can get there too). I just often don’t want to, or don’t have time to, join myself to these people at the hip. I really don’t do well with waiting, and that’s my biggest problem (along with rather extreme shyness). I start to go bug-nuts after waiting around for 5 minutes to get a group rolling.

And single player RPGs are static. I actually *do* play them, but its a different experience than playing an MMO solo. Anyway, I also like games that change constantly as the developers roll out new features and content. And lastly, I like that MMOs are endless (well, not literally, they’ll all get shut down eventually). This preference of mine often makes me laugh at myself since I so rarely stick to a single game long enough to finish it (in the case of a single player RPG) or hit cap (in the case of an MMO). But we’re often not logical in what we like or dislike.

Anyway, I’m gonna go solo in some MMO or another. 🙂 Like I said, Saylah said it better and more succinctly than I ever could.