Mud Runner Xbox One X: Let’s get dirty

Messing around in casual mode. Still managed to wreck a truck, though!
I was streaming this on the Xbox so there was a big twitch ‘now streaming’ banner across all the prompts so when I can’t figure out how to do something and the screen is telling me how to do it… that’s why!! LOL C’mon MS fix the Twitch app!

I’m sort of fascinated by games like Euro Truck Simulator but that one isn’t available on consoles. To the best of my knowledge, Mud Runner is the closest thing on consoles. My biggest gripe with it is that there’s not a huge amount of ‘game’ to it. As far as I can see your goal is to pick up logs in one spot, deliver them to a lumber mill. That’s it. There’s no progression or economic aspect. You unlock new trucks just by driving up to them. You don’t improve gear or anything like that.

But still, it hearkens back to both 6 year old me playing with toy trucks in the dirt, and 20 year old me going off-roading with friends in our 4x4s. It’s not a game I feel the need to boot up every day, but every so often I just get the itch. It’s a really chill game, good for late at night when things are starting to wind down.