Random: Gamersfirst using SimCity problems to tempt us back to Fallen Earth

I don’t even know what to think of this. Here’s part of an email that hit my inbox last night:

We know you’ve been unfaithful. You’ve been dallying with that new game; you know, that one that’s technically a single player game but you’re being forced to play it online because PIRATES or whatever. And yet, try as you might, that other game just won’t return your affections. With all the “challenges”, disabled features, and random performance issues, it’s nice to know you can return to the warm, loving embrace of that game you’ve always loved, Fallen Earth. And what’s better, Fallen Earth won’t even hold it against you! Not forever, anyway.

Bonus points for the image in the email:


There’s something delightfully ironic about sending out an email calling out the technical difficulties another game is having, and managing to do it with a big fat broken image link in your email.