Hammer of War Online

So there’s this new site called Hammer of War Online, which bills itself as “The Unofficial Source for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.” Some people I know are writing for this site. I truly hope they’re getting paid, since it is an ad-supported site.

I’m not going to talk about the content of the site because people I know write for it. But let’s talk business practices. As I said, it’s an ad-supported site. And what are the ads for? “Gold Farming Secrets.”

Talk about poisoning your own well. Granted, it isn’t quite a “Buy War Gold” ad, but it’s as close as exists right now. Apparently a guide to help you become one of the people selling the War gold.

I urge you to write to the site owners and tell them how you feel, if you think selling gold farming tools on an enthusiast site is wrong. This isn’t a call to boycott the site or anything like that. I just hope that they can find better advertisers who send a more positive message.

UPDATE: I contacted Hammer of War Online with my concerns and very quickly got this response:


Actually, they are offering secrets on how to make money for your character, not advocating the buying and selling of gold for real money. They just use the term “gold farming” to catch your eye. Hammer of War Online does not nor will it ever support any company that advocates the buying or selling of gold or in-game items with real money.

Hope that answers your questions, and thank you for reading Hammer of War Online!

I’d still personally advise the advertiser that using “gold farming” to catch an MMO gamer’s eye is something akin to using “How to be a Pedophile” to grab attention, but I’m heartened by the broader message that Hammer of War Online has a firm policy against hosting ads that advocate buying or selling gold.

Kudos to them!!