Warhammer fiddling

I didn’t play much Warhammer last night, but instead was fiddling around with addons and such. I wound up installing the Curse Client, which is supposed to gather data to populate the online-database.

I couldn’t get the addons to work at first using the Client’s automatic installation system, and my google-fu was weak and I couldn’t find out where to put stuff to install manually. Finally I stopped acting like a dweeb and just started looking at directory structures. Long story short: as a former beta tester I had 2 Warhammer Clients installed (one for beta, one for test) and the Curse Client was installing addons to the Test Client.

Inside the beta client was a likely looking directory that was completely wrong…maybe a remnant from earlier days? It has interface by server and then by character, including an “all characters” directory and that seemed like a likely spot, and I was manually installing the addons to there. Bzzzt! The correct place is … heck, I’m 99% sure but don’t want to post the info until I’m home and can check to be sure \Program Files\Electronic Arts\Warhammer Online – Age of Reckoning\interface\addons assuming you’ve installed the client in the default location.

Anyway, I finally got “Clock” working. Yeah, the first addon I installed was one to put the time of day on-screen; something I really need with Warhammer because otherwise I totally lose track of what time it is.

This morning I re-installed the client from the disks. I wanted a ‘clean’ install, and wanted to let the patcher run while I was at work. I left the old clients installed and will compare directory structures to see how much cruft is in the beta that is no longer needed. Will post that info here.

Finally I rolled a Chaos Marauder for the Destruction side of CoW, got him to level 4 or so and into the guild. Now Genda says they’re ok and don’t really need us, so I dunno if I’ll play him or not. But damn, those guys are EVIL… burning and pillaging, even killing “our own.” I do actually “role-play” these games and I’m not sure I want to be that vile full time. But OTOH I want to see everything the game has to offer.

4 day weekend begins at 5 pm today. WAAAGGHHH!!!