An evening with the CoW WoWs

I ended up spending most of the weekend in EQ2 with the significant other, but last night I jumped back into World of Warcraft. I was still running solo, taking my shaman from level 9 to 11. I’m not so used to Bloodmyst Isle that I can stack quests efficiently or I probably would’ve made a bit more progress.

I’m *loving* being in the WoW branch of the Casualties of War guild, more so (sorry CoWs!) than I ever did in the Warhammer branch. I feel much more connected to my guildies by dint, I think, of achievements. I know that sounds odd, but people are constantly getting these achievements (which I admit, I poo-pooed pretty strongly before I started playing again) and each one garners a round of “congrats!” and these in turn often spawn some chit-chat via blessed, quiet, text.

Honestly I’m very comfortable soloing in MMOs, which I know sounds really bizarre to some people (“Why not just play a single player game!?”) but with a single player game, you get what’s in the box and never anything more, whereas MMOs are living systems, always changing and growing. So being more or less alone on Bloodmyst Isle isn’t bothering me a bit, but it IS nice to have a guild to trade items with, to chat a bit with, to give and take support from. CoW WoW is currently what I’d call a mid-sized guild… plenty of people on, but not so many that you get lost in the crowd.

The only tiny fly in the ointment is that Rexxar isn’t an RP server, but you can’t have everything. Most of the guildies chose reasonable names (my main reason for preferring RP servers is naming conventions), and only one person has gone with something that really makes me cringe (have I mentioned that I’m an MMO Name Snob?), but that name is so bad I assume the person will end up getting it reported and have to change it. I’d report it if I wasn’t a guildie, but I do have some sense of loyalty. 🙂

But yeah, that’s a teeny, tiny fly. Otherwise, it’s been nothing but good feelings and good times logging into WoW again. And Winter’s Veil starts in a couple of weeks. I love Blizzard’s events!!

Remember, Casualties of War is still recruiting!

Warhammer CoWs moving house

Real quick because I’m running late for work.

Mythic is shoving folks off of the Averheim server, where CoW was located. The new server for Casualties of War is Badlands.

Important detail: Even if your account is inactive, you can transfer characters!

I transferred my brood this morning, so when I get back to War I’ll be able to rejoin the herd.

Account management page is here.

Blogs are rollin’ in

OK, I’ve added all the listed Casualties of War blogs to the blog roll here. Also a couple of Dairy-Free (ie, non-CoW) blogs that I had in the blogroll.

The first category is simply the blogs of people in Casualties of War, without any real regard for topic. The second category is blogs devoted primarily to Warhammer Online.

If I missed your blog, feel free to leave a comment and let me know if you’re in Category 1 or Category 2.

And sorry that I moderate all comments. This blog has been in place since 2002 and every comment spammer on the planet seems to know about it.

Post count = Epic Phail

Are you ready for the litany of excuses for why I haven’t been posting? Here goes. First, the Casualties of War forums have been going crazy and I’ve been trying my best to keep up with it and get to know some of the folks I’ll be waging WAR with (ancillary excuse: through those forums I’ve found out about bunches of great WAR blogs that I now must read). Plus I’ve been trying to be an *active* Warhammer Online beta-tester again. Plus I joined a guild in LOTRO and have been playing that more than I probably have since launch. Plus there’s that work thing that’s been slopping over into my off hours.

Anyway it isn’t just here. I haven’t been Plurking or Tweeting and I’m way behind on my news feeds. I need a vacation to catch up on my leisure time!

Hopefully the Warhammer NDA will drop this week. I’m thinking about the game an awful lot but I’m really hesitant to post about it and accidentally reveal something that breaks the NDA. Been thinking a lot about what class to play (first, I’m an alt-aholic for sure) and was leaning towards White Lion but now not as much, but I don’t feel like I can say *why* I’m changing my mind without breaking NDA.

Thank goodness Mythic is going the “x characters per account” route that Age of Conan did. From everything I’ve read, we can have a full roster on every server if we want to, as long as we don’t mix Destruction and Order on any single server. That means lots of alts and experimental characters, which is half the fun of MMOs for me.

Open Beta ought to start next week some time and I’m sure NDA will lifted by then. Thanks for not removing me from your RSS feeds. The posts should pick up in frequency soon!