In-home streaming via Parsec works like a dream

It worked! Yesterday afternoon my 50′ Ethernet cable was delivered so now the laptop in the kitchen has a wired connection. (Today’s project, routing it along baseboards and such… right now it is just laying on the floor. LOL)

I installed Parsec and started streaming World of Warcraft from the upstairs machine and almost instantly forgot it was streaming. For all practical purposes it may as well have been running on the local machine. From here on out older games and games that aren’t graphically demanding will get installed upstairs, and the precious space on the laptop will be reserved for new graphically intense games like Anthem or The Division 2.

Two tiny issues. When you connect to the host, Parsec mutes the host, which is a good thing, but when you adjust the volume on the local machine it also seems to adjust it on the host and in doing so seems to unmute it. This is more a problem for Angela than for me since she is usually up there in the office and has to re-mute the host.

[Update: Sometimes the simplest solutions elude me. I’ve just started turning off the speakers on the host machine when I’m not using them. Problem solved!]

Second, if I get to where I want to do voice chat with a game installed on the host I’ll have to figure that out. I guess you connect to Discord (or whatever) on the local machine and then connect to the host for the game, but I’m wondering what happens if you need to adjust levels or anything like that. Not sure this will ever even become an issue but it’s something to puzzle out.

All in all, though, I’m super happy and can’t recommend Parsecgaming highly enough, if you’re in the market for something like this. Forget Steam In-Home streaming. Just use Parsec.

2 thoughts on “In-home streaming via Parsec works like a dream

  1. There’s a fifty-foot ethernet cable connecting the router next to where I’m sitting right now to Mrs Bhagpuss’s PC in the next room. It’s about 35 feet longer than needed but that’s the length it was when I bought it. It’s also lying on the floor, nudged along the side by the skirting board but in plain view and not fixed to anything. It’s been there for about fifteen years now. It literally never occurred to me to do anything else with it so you can imagine what our house is like…

  2. @Bhagpuss Remember when Ethernet cables were expensive? This cable was $10 and it came with little clips to secure it to the molding or whatever. Crazy!

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