5 thoughts on “Conan Exiles single player Xbox One X

  1. Ooooohhhh.. Glo and I were wondering about this one, looking forward to your opinion!

  2. Hey Gwyn! I’ve actually been playing this for a bit. This post was an accident. I was checking out how to export from Twitch to YouTube and forgot I’d set up an auto-post from YouTube to here! Imagine my surprise when a new post here popped up in my RSS feed.

    Anyway I’m enjoying this. It is of course a brutal game (hacking people into bits and stuff) as befits the IP. My only other hesitation in recommending it to you is how you and Glo would play together. There are official servers but they’re always full and anyone I doubt you want to play with a bunch of kids.

    You can rent a private server but it’s pricey ($15 or $16/month).

    There’s a co-op option but I haven’t looked at it much since I don’t have anyone to co-op with. I’m not 100% sure if it is couch co-op or Internet co-op.

    I will warn you it can be slow going using the default settings. Last night I got killed, lost my body, and now I’m back to running around half naked. 🙂

  3. We beat Far Cry a couple times and are still craving good multi-player gaming. Not to say Far Cry wasn’t fun – we had a blast – it was just a fairly short game with no real replay value, so for all intents and purposes, we’re done with it and need a new game. I’m not opposed to paying for a private server if the game is fun and has enough meat. It’s the “hard” part that was worrisome – we like the build and explore and craft aspects, but if the “attacks” are so brutal it’s always undoing what we’ve done and/or we don’t survive, it’ll quickly lose its appeal. Are there settings like in Minecraft where you can turn off hostiles? Or go to “easy” and that really means easy? This purge meter I saw discussed – how quickly does that fill and trigger a raid?

    We bought Divinity to try and scratch the itch… might be a little too old school for me, but Glo’s liking it.

  4. Oh, and it’s times like this I miss having the Knights guild still active. If the game actually plays like the description, the old gang could build a New New Coventry!

  5. If you run a private server you can tweak things a lot. You can turn off the Purge completely and could build your outpost in a nice tropical area that has pretty wimpy hostiles. You could also turn up your damage. You can turn up harvesting speed so you can spend more time building and less gathering rocks and wood and things.

    I don’t think you can turn hostiles completely off, though. I can check (if you play solo you get all the server settings that way, too). You might even be able to just do a co-op session but I don’t have anyone to test that with.

    Here’s the page for server renting, I guess:

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