First day fighting Eden’s Gate: Far Cry 5

I had yesterday off and spent an inordinate amount of time playing Far Cry 5 (something like 12 hours). Not enough to do a ‘review’ but enough to debate/debunk some of the negative reviews I’ve seen, so I wanted to do that.

Far Cry 5 is, duh, part of the Far Cry series. While it may not be true of the earliest Far Cry games, the last few have been wacky. Far Cry 5 is wacky too. So when you read reviews saying the story is no good or the developers squandered an opportunity to make a meaningful political statement, just understand that reviewer doesn’t play Far Cry games. If you DO and you enjoy them, you’ll enjoy Far Cry 5. Faulting Far Cry 5 for this is like faulting a Saints Row game for not having a serious story.

Mind you, there ARE some political jabs in there. For example an audio recording of someone running for mayor on a platform of keeping out Canadians. His plan is to build a border wall and move it 1″ north every year until Canada is part of the US “again.” Same rant talks about ketchup chips in the way some other politicians talk about tortillas. It’s ridiculous, I found it funny, and it is easy to walk away from.

I just feel like some outlets are going out of their way to find fault with the game. For instance Eurogamer had a problem with the fact that both sides of the conflict are made up of a diverse group of people, saying it “feels like a careful sanitising of the subject matter.” This is why I’d never be a game developer. If you don’t include a mix of races and genders you get accused of racism or sexism, if you do include a diverse population you get accused of sanitizing.

I’ve seen some odd blowback on micro-transactions which is RIDICULOUS. In this case it’s mostly journalists saying they are no big deal and gamers getting frothed up about how evil they are. In Far Cry 5 you’ll encounter shops to buy weapons and vehicles. Everything can be purchased with in-game money that you get from fallen enemies, completing quests, cracking safes and the like. Some of the more expensive items have the OPTION of buying them with “silver bars.” You can actually find silver bars in-game, or if you prefer you can purchase them with real money. Thing is, the in-game costs aren’t crazy anyway. The most expensive thing I can recall seeing was something like $7,000 and by the end of my day of playing I think I had $12,000 in my account, and that’s with buying lots of stuff and not making any concerted attempt to earn/save. It’s also worth noting that as you play you unlock better and better tiers of gear and you have to have stuff unlocked to buy it.

In other words if for some reason you have a stick up your ass about some other gamer buying Far Cry 5 and spending real money on the best weapon in the game the minute he starts playing…he can’t. He’d have to unlock it first. And since it is primarily a single player game why do you care anyway?

Some reviews talk about the bugs and this is a legit concern. There are some glitches here and there, and the sound in particular goes wonky now and then (where everyone sounds like they are talking to you through a tin can) but this is typical launch day jank stuff and doesn’t impact gameplay much. But for example I encountered a civilian driver burning out in reverse with the car’s front wheels apparently locked up and he just did that, creeping backwards down the road, until I got bored of watching him. It was just a random NPC so it had no impact, it was just weird. And honestly kind of amusing.

Anyway, I don’t want to write a huge wall of text about this, but I want to assure you that if you’ve enjoyed Far Cry 5 games, you’re probably going to enjoy this one too. There’s that same carefree sense of madness that we’ve come to expect where shit is blowing up and on fire and suddenly a wolverine charges into a firefight and changes the dynamic and all the while regular people come flying down the road in their cars and try to thread their way through the burned out husks of cult cars and ATVs as if it’s just a typical day of Sunday traffic.

It’s fun. I played it for 12 damned hours on day 1 and can’t wait to get back at it.

(For whatever reason, the audio on this clip is out of sync, but that’s an issue with the clip, not experienced in the game itself.)

7 thoughts on “First day fighting Eden’s Gate: Far Cry 5

  1. Bless the Amazon gods. Even though I was cheap and had tomorrow as the delivery date, our games arrived today. And I was impressed – it installed and updated REALLY fast! Now I am just counting down the 45 minutes left of work, then Hope County here I come. I’ve been avoiding the review sites, they always harsh my buzz. Glad to hear you’re having a good time though!

  2. We are having a blast so far, EXCEPT we keep getting dumped and can’t rejoin co-op. Have you heard any buzz about Ubisoft being severely under-servered? We aren’t sure if it’s us or them, though the error messages suggest it’s them.

    1. I haven’t heard anything about that. Hopefully it was a temporary problem and will be gone tonight. If it was widespread I would think the mob would be out with torches and pitchforks and I’m not seeing that…yet at least.


  3. The setting is what I’m looking forward to – and the fishing oddly enough. Really enjoyed FC3 and haven’t been interested in any of the titles since then just due to no interest in the themes. But high mountains country with trees and lakes everywhere – sounds like a fun place to run around in. Glad you can confirm it’s still a Far Cry game and from what I’ve read/heard with a more natural opening up up things to do in the environment – almost quest like a la Skyrim.

    1. Yeah they got away from the “Climb a tower and have a dozen activity icons pop up” from more recent games. Now it is as you say… you go to a new location/town and you wander around and talk to people and they’ll tell you about things that need doing.

      I actually didn’t mind the old way, but this way gives it a nice RPG vibe, though you do sometimes get duplicates. You’ll see someone has something to say and run over to them and they’ll tell you about a location you were already aware of. But meh, complaining about that feels pretty nit-picky.

  4. The dumping happened for probably an hour or so, felt like server restarts type of time we couldn’t get in, then we could and would be dumped again, then another few minutes before it would work again… then maybe an hour or so ago that all stopped and we played for a solid period without dropping. Have to go get lunch now, then we’ll play again for the afternoon. Did you end up playing via XBox? I saw you pop on PS, but not sure if you’re playing it there? If you are and want to pal around with us for a bit, just let us know and we’ll toss an invite your way. 🙂

    1. Sadly I got it on Xbox. If I’d known playing w/you was an option I would’ve gone PS4! 🙂

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