Testing Daily Motion as an video source

Recently my PS4 and Google got into a slap-fight and I can’t stay signed into YouTube on the PS4. This isn’t a unique problem..googling it shows that a lot of PS4 owners encounter the same issue.

I’d like to get that fixed but in the meantime I don’t have a good way to upload videos. The PS4 does support DailyMotion though, so I set up an account. Here’s an embed. Not the usual Horizon Zero Dawn caveats apply: I play in HDR mode and when I save video or screenshots, the palette can get wonky. That’s not DailyMotion’s fault.

Horizon Zero Dawn™ – Testing DM connectivity by dragonchasers

Best option would be to crank the res up to 1080P.

3 thoughts on “Testing Daily Motion as an video source

  1. Well, that’s…unfortunate. I got an ad. Is that a default DM thing, you think? Is there a way to turn that off, I wonder?

  2. That sucks. There was an option to monetize or something, but I didn’t enable it. I’ll have to poke around with it.

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