January Gaming Goal recap

Well we’ve made it through 1/12th of 2017. Huzzah for us I guess.

This month I tried an experiment: setting up a list of gaming goals to aim for. I feel like I did pretty good:

1) Get the last achievement in Microsoft Solitaire.
Did that. 100% complete. I am a solitaire sensei. Or something.

2) Keep going with weekly Fairy Fencer F and No Man’s Sky sessions.
Yup, though I made little progress in either game, to be honest.

3) Finally finish the Diablo 3 campaign.
Did it, it sucked.

4) Play the heck out of the For Honor beta.
Meh, not really. That said, the reason I wanted to play it a lot was to be SURE I really wanted to buy it at launch. After playing a bit I was pretty sure I didn’t want to buy it at launch. I just don’t think there’s enough game here to justify a $60 price, and I’m disappointed that they don’t have dedicated servers and instead are relying on peer to peer sessions. Also I’m pretty focused on my backlog and saving money and I want to save my $$ for Horizon Zero Dawn at the end of February.

The point is, once I’d decided not to buy For Honor at launch, I didn’t feel compelled to force myself to play it a lot. Mind you the matches are fun but it doesn’t feel like a $60 game to me.

5) Play some Battlefield 1 matches
I played a few and remembered my biggest issue with the game. I like the open conquest mode because I like big teams so my mediocre abilities leave me lost in the middle of the leaderboard list. But they take so gosh-darned long. I played a few matches, both of which took 30 minutes or so and both times by the time the match was over I was late for doing something else.

I need to only play Battlefield 1 when I know I have a lot of time open, but when I have a lot of time open I usually want to sink into a good story-driven game so… I guess BF1 really isn’t for me. I do still need to play the campaign, though.

All in all, I’d give myself an A- or maybe a B+ on hitting my goals.

That said, I’m not sure gaming goals are for me. I played Diablo 3 because I said I would. I wasn’t enjoying myself but I pushed through because I’m stubborn. I wonder if I’d set it aside to play when I really wanted to, would I have enjoyed it more?

I think, in retrospect, I have enough things that I “have” to do in my life without adding more to my to-do list. It’d be different if I could just let them slide but once I announce a goal it kind of gnaws at me until I do it. Even if I don’t do it. I feel a little guilty that I didn’t play more BF1 and For Honor, for example.

So while it was a fun experiment, I think I’ll leave the goals to other bloggers. I do enjoy reading about them. Just not having them myself. 🙂