January Gaming Goals

I’m stealing this idea of monthly gaming goals to see how well it sits with me. I got the idea from Aywren so hat tip to her! She says she borrowed it from another blogger so thanks also to whomever originated the idea. Basically I see it as a way to give myself some guidance through those “I dunno what to play” phases we all seem to go through.

So in January:

1) Get the last Achievement in Microsoft Solitaire! Seriously, I have ONE left and dammit I want to get 100% on this game!

2) Keep going with my weekly Fairy Fencer F and No Man’s Sky gaming sessions. I don’t expect to finish either though, I just want to keep making progress.

3) FINALLY finish the Diablo 3 campaign. Believe it or not, I’ve never finished Diablo 3 and with “Seasons” coming to console in 2017 I want to be ready for them which, to my brain for some reason, means having finished the storyline

4) Play the heck out of the For Honor beta. I played in the alpha of For Honor and enjoyed it. I want to play a lot of the beta when it comes out to see if I want the full game (which, as a primarily MP title, I’d get at launch). I played the Battlefield 1 beta a little bit, enjoyed it, then bought the full game and played for like a week before moving on. In retrospect I wish I’d spent more time in the beta because had I, I might have realized it wasn’t a game I’d stick with for long. I don’t want to repeat of that; I need to get deep into the game to see if it’ll stick with me.

5) And heck now that I mentioned it, let’s throw “Play some Battlefield 1 matches” onto the list. Maybe I’ll get hooked again.

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