My wishlist for The Division

Now that I am a complete and total expert at the game (that’s sarcasm, just to be perfectly clear) I decided it was time to let Massive know what they need to make their game even better. I have only one real gameplay item on my wishlist; the rest is about new content:

1) Give us the option to play in a more open world in what is now the PvE areas. I know I can matchmake, but when I’m roaming around solo it’d be great to just stumble on another agent and be able to work together to take on a mini-boss or something. I know this isn’t an MMO, and it certainly isn’t anything like Destiny despite a weird compulsion in the press to compare the two (which I think is based primarily on the fact that both games start with the letter D), but I do wish they would borrow this one feature from MMOs and Destiny. Of course they’d have to add some random tough content in the PvE areas to give these ad-hoc groups of players content that would challenge them.

We know they have the tech to do this since it’s exactly how the Dark Zone works, and the Dark Zone can be fun but it can also be stressful and some days you just want to chill and shoot baddies without worrying about someone stabbing you in the back. So expand the Dark Zone PvE mechanics to the whole world but leave the PvP in the DZ and I think the game would be even more compelling than it is now.

2) I hope we see the map expand over time. I’d love them to extend it south into Soho. Get it far enough south to encompass NYU and Washington Square and all the narrow streets around there and I think that area would have a unique feel as compared to the rest of the game.

3) When The Underground DLC comes out, I hope it isn’t limited to known public subway tunnels but that it extends into the semi-mythical labyrinth of forgotten tunnels. We know some of these exist for sure, but there have always been rumors of huge secret areas down there (if you remember the old TV show Beauty & the Beast, it capitalized on these rumors). If you’ve ever taken the LIRR into Manhattan you know how vast the underground area is and you see all these mysterious openings leading to who knows what? That could be really cool to explore.

So that’s my short list. In the intro to the game they flash a map of the world showing dollar flu outbreaks scattered all over the place, so I doubt The Division II will remain in NY, but I’d be happy to spend a long time in this particular city…