New (?) idea: Let’s Play Machinima

Last night I was working on my Xbox, moving everything off the internal drive and onto an external drive. It was taking forever and I was surfing YouTube on the PS4 while the Xbone crunched away. I wound up watching some “Top 10 Trailers” videos and it got me thinking.

Remember this trailer for The Division from a couple of years ago?

We all know that gameplay trailers like this one are staged, but I still find them really entertaining, and I got to wondering if other people also found them entertaining. I find myself thinking about how awesome it would be to have a group of friends who’re this organized to play with. (Step 1 to reaching that goal would be for ME to get that organized!)

Most of the Let’s Play videos I watch either have 1 person muttering to themselves as they play, or they have a bunch of guys (usually it’s guys) telling each other dick jokes or swearing at each other.

I would LOVE to see some Let’s Play videos that are more serious and more organized, but to get there I think they’d have to be scripted like that The Division trailer is. (I don’t mean to single The Division out; in fact 343 Studios did a whole mini-documentary on what it took to put together their scripted gameplay trailer for Halo 5.)

In all honesty it’d probably be a lot of work and whomever undertakes the challenge (yes, I’m throwing this out as a challenge!) would have to have a group of friends patient enough to play and re-play sections of a game until they got some good dramatic moments in there. Maybe it just isn’t feasible.

I’m still curious if I’m the only one who enjoys these trailers so much, too.

BTW that first trailer is old and out of date. In particular there is no longer the ability to come in via a Tablet to help out friends. (Second screen experiences already seem to be falling out of favor.) Here’s a more recent gameplay trailer from the game. I really enjoy this one too!

One thought on “New (?) idea: Let’s Play Machinima

  1. I’ll have to see if I can find some of my guilds old gw2 PvP stuff. Insanely structured with what we say, point out and execute. Still talk have fun but when the action starts it’s all seriouz busniz. I’ll definitely have to record some division to as it would be pretty cool to watch and listen too.

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