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2015-01-31 10.05.02If you’re playing Dying Light, you should check out the free companion app. You can get it for Android or iOS. Sorry, Windows Phone and Fire OS users. Screenshots in this post are from the Android version, running on a Nexus 7 tablet.

They call it an app, I call it a simple game. You’re in charge of a group of scouts in the fictional city of Harran (where Dying Light takes place) and your job is to assign these scouts to various missions. And that’s pretty much it. It reminds me a lot of Star Trek Online’s Duty Officer System.

Scouts have levels and two stats: agility and power. Missions come in two varieties: scavenge and hunt. Agility is useful on scavenging missions, power is useful on hunt missions. You can assign 1-3 scouts to a mission, and there’s a mission difficulty rating that compares the cumulative strength of your scouts to the mission, giving you an idea of your chance of success.

Once you send scouts on a mission its all in the hands of the software. Missions run in real time, so you set up the missions, close down the app and go about your day.

2015-01-31 10.04.09

When missions are completed you get money and items as a reward. Your scouts take damage, earn experience and can level up (I haven’t had one killed yet but I’ve been pretty careful…it may be possible to get them killed). You may also get new recruits. You’ll use the money healing your scouts (as far as I can tell they won’t heal naturally). The items are either used to unlock more difficult missions or they can be packed into a crate and sent to the quartermaster in the Dying Light console game. Next time you play, you go see the quartermaster and your other self has sent you a care package of items!

2015-01-31 10.05.22This is a pretty fun and ‘low impact’ way to stay connected to Dying Light while you’re at work or something. You can send up to 20 items in a crate (and items don’t stack) and can only send one crate at a time. There doesn’t seem to be a time limit to this so I think you can send a crate, log into the console/pc game and collect it, then jump back into the companion app and send another crate. I haven’t actually tested this yet, though.

Obviously your PC or console will have to be connected to the Internet for this to work, and you’ll have to link the companion app to your console account (I’m honestly not sure what you link to for the PC version). But you don’t have to play online to take advantage of it. My game was in Solo Mode when I collected my first crate of goods from the quartermaster.

One tip I found out the hard way. Initially I was sending 3 scouts on every mission so they’d be wildly over-powered. I hoped this would prevent injuries, but it didn’t seem to. So I had 3 scouts taking damage and 1 monetary reward for doing the mission…and often the reward wasn’t enough to cover medical expenses. I was always broke.

What I do now is send just enough scouts to be safe. I’ll mix up higher level missions with a bunch of 1 scout/mission low level missions. The low level missions generate the $$ to heal the scouts getting busted up in the higher level missions. Since I started doing this money hasn’t been a problem.

[Update: Oh, and because my very first comment on this post was a joke about it making the game pay-to-win (a reference to the hullabaloo around the Evolve companion app), I should point out that there are no in-app purchases for this game!!]

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8 thoughts on “Dying Light companion app

  1. I have this and I have sent supplies to the game twice but I haven’t gotten either of them. Was there or is there still a bug?

  2. It has worked for me. Just to be sure, you’re checking with the quartermaster in the tower, right?

  3. I have been checking with the quartermaster in the main building. I have also checked the others around but still nothing. I can send myself a third package.

  4. log out of the app. go to the dockets.dyinglightgame.com. log in, unlink you account from whatever platform you are playing on. re link it, log back into the app and send a package. its about 5 to 10 minutes to reach the quadtermaster. as soon as you pick it up you can send another without leaving the game. the game will notify you.

  5. It is also useful to know that leveling up your scout heals it, so if you are about to level up and haven’t taken too much damage, don’t waste $ on healing them. That said I wouldn’t send out a scout with less than half it’s HP. I also had 2 die because it was only like 15 points below what the full XP bar was saying, so no I do not send out scouts on missions where they are not more that 100% of the recommended XP. That said you can still lose a scout on a mission where you have enough points but only IF they are hurt pretty bad going into the mission.

    Happy hunting.

  6. Anyone having issues receiving packs:
    Just login on the app regularly.. Even if it seems you’re logged in, for some reason you have to do this.. easiest way to remember is to hit the settings and then login buttons and enter your password right before every pack you send

  7. Thank you for the tip about not sending the max number scouts on an overpowered mission! I kept wondering how the hell I could finish a mission with my scouts taking damage worth 2-3 times the amount of the reward!

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