The Book of Unwritten Tales: The Critter Chronicles – Hello Chap. 4!

Yesterday’s frustration with Chapter 2 is now a thing of the past. I’m happy to report that with Chapter 3 I was back to moving along at a decent pace while chuckling at the jokes and enjoying myself. I finished that Chapter tonight and now I’m in Chapter 4 and there’s some crazy stuff going on!

Not a lot more to add tonight but it does feel like Chapter 2 was the game’s weak point, at least so far. Critter’s lack of language really makes humor tough when he’s on his own. Of course part of the problem was that I missed an interaction and ended up beating my head against the wall for a bit longer than I should have. But tonight it was back to both myself and Angela getting a laugh out of the spoken dialog.

If anyone happens to play and needs any hints, feel free to ask. In fact tonight’s screen shot is something of a hint…

Hocus Pocus!

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  1. hello, i m from argentina, how do you do de puzzle of chapter 4? i cant! thank you

  2. Do you mean the table with the rings that turn? That’s where I’m stuck, too. 🙁

  3. I’m stuck also, that pic is not a hint! xD
    I have the bellows, thread and flute and I’m stuck. Can’t paint without canvas and critter can’t take any paintings…

  4. The pic is a hint because it shows Critter on the “ceiling” from where Nate is standing.
    You have to use the bellows on Critter… then he floats up to the ceiling, which makes no sense at all and kind of annoyed me. It’s like there’s helium in the bellows or something.

  5. I’ve been stuck in one part in Chapter 4 for hours! I can’t find anything online to help me. I can’t figure out how to get the angel painting down >_< Any suggestions?

  6. Oh man, that one made me so mad…

    The trick is to get the angel out of the painting, remembering that these are magic paintings.

    You have to use the flute on the painting of the pig. That’ll get the pig to run towards the angel painting. But he’ll get stuck in the optical illusion painting.
    More spoilers below:
    Earlier in that level there’a s picture of an orb on the wall that you can pry off using the axe that you got from Mazi. You can put that picture over the optical illusion picture so the pig doesn’t get trapped. Then he’ll run into the angel’s picture and push her out of it, and it’ll come right off the wall.

  7. So nice to go back and do that properly! I had managed to fluke my way past the end of Chapter 4 without even doing the painting, just by fiddling with the symbols on the arch-mage’s locked door until it opened. Been stuck in Chapter 5 for about a day now. I can’t figure out how to get Nate into the Sanctuary! It’s driving me nuts. I keep checking online, hoping someone’s done a walkthrough, but they still haven’t >_<


    I've got Critter inside, and 'fixed' the intercom so I can talk through it, but I've done all the talking I can do between Critter and the guard, and Critter and Munkus, and now I am stuck. The only items I now have are the pipewrench and the scepter. When you get to this part, a small hint would be awesome!


  8. I finished tonight but I have to be honest, I wound up using a walk-through. I’ll post the URL if you want… I don’t want to tempt you in case you don’t want to see it!

    But for where you are, you need to think back to earlier in the game. There was a particularly curious character that you had to ‘borrow’ once before.
    More help below
    Critter needs to talk to Laylah a couple times.

  9. I finished monday, figured it all out finally 😀

    Marra, you need to click on the intercom near the door from the inside, with critter 🙂 Then talk to Laylah a couple of times 🙂

  10. hi,
    I’m stuck in chapter 3 hard mode, don’t know what to do : I “killed” one guard thanks to the penguin,but what to do next? there seem to be no other action to do,help me, please!

  11. Thanks guys – I had already talked with Layla twice, but I should always remember that it’s third time lucky! Threes is the unwritten rule of videogaming and I forgot it.

    Game all done ^_^ The only achieve I can’t seem to get is the ‘Oh What Fun’ one – don’t know if mine’s bugged or what. No big deal.

  12. @tigrousse — I played on Normal and I know the solution is different, but if I’m remembering right you need to find out what the guard in the engine room is doing. There’s a porthole in that room but it’s really dirty. If you could clean that…and then find someone who could go into that cold water and peer through the window…

  13. pete: thanks, but my problem is that I can’t enter this d*** submarine: there is a hole with cold water in front of it,but neither characters want to go in ! i just have a bottle and a can with water… i spoke to everybody and tried all the options.. I can’t see no dirty window or an engine room, there is just a guard at the entrance,who says I can’t enter… :’-(

  14. tigrousse1: I am pretty sure you have to finish the repairs to the Mary before you get the option to talk to the remaining guard to join the crew.

  15. pete: ah thanks, I’m going to try that 🙂
    marrra: well, I can’t do nothing about the ship, nate just says he hopes they will repair the ship quickly,but he doesn’t talk to the critters… and critters do nothing at all…think I’m going to have a look at the walkthrough! and thanks for your help, I was going mad!!

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