My very first Mistobox arrived today.

What’s a Mistobox? It’s basically a gourmet coffee service. Every month they send you samples of four different artisan coffees from around the world. What’s an artisan coffee? Hell if I know; I’m just starting on the long journey of coffee snobbery. I just thought it sounded like a real treat, getting new coffees to try every month.

I haven’t even brewed a cup yet but I wanted to do kind of an ‘unboxing’ thing just to show what comes in the box. (Honestly it’s too warm for hot coffee today so I may have to wait until morning to taste test.) So here it is (plus a bonus photobomb shot):

Mistobox is $15/month which is about the cost of 4 coffees at Starbucks, so I figure it’s a decent value (granted it’s something of an indulgence in the same way Starbucks is). There was a promo code, 5FIRSTBOX, that would get you your first month for only $5, but I’m not sure if it’s still valid or not.

If you take a liking to one of the samples, you can of course buy that style of coffee in bulk from Mistobox.

4 thoughts on “Mistobox!

  1. That is super cool, and a great price. Coffee is one of those things that I always mean to get more “into”, but although I drink a ton of it every day I never really know where to start.

    … oh man I just looked at their site and they do a version with free shipping to Canada. SOLD.

  2. I’m still here! Are you asking in general terms or in coffee terms? Assuming the latter for now…

    I’ve had 3 of my 4 samples and while they were all good (smoother than the coffee I usually drink) I think I’m still educating my palette because I’m not picking up the nuances that are listed in the descriptions: “blueberry in both aroma and flavor” or “a honeysuckle finish.” I get as far as getting a kind of fruit/citrus vibe but can’t dial it in more than that.

    I’m also still learning to drink it black… it’s really tempting for me to add a bit of creamer.

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