BlazeJam 2012, a game jam to raise funds for Colorado fire victims

In case you’ve missed the news, Colorado’s Waldo Canyon has been ravaged by fire recently. According to this Denver Post article, over $110 million worth of homes have been lost. The count is somewhere around 347 homes. That’s a lot of families suddenly in need.

In order to raise funds for these victims, a group of Colorado-based indie game developers are holding BlazeJam 2012, a 48 hour game jam. During the event they’ll be holding auctions as well, and all proceeds go to charity. The Jam starts this Friday and the auction starts Saturday morning.

You can get involved or learn more at the site, or you can read the full press release below.

I’m not affiliated with BlazeJam; I’m just trying to help spread the word for a friend.


BlazeJam 2012 Aims To Raise $5000 For Victims Of The Waldo Canyon Fire

BlazeJam 2012 Attracts McPixel Developer And More To Fight Wild Fires With Games, Announces Funding Goal And Charities

DENVER, CO (July 3, 2012) – Today, BlazeJam 2012 announced additional sponsors, and unveiled a new website ( to accept fundraiser donations. Sos Sosowski (developer of McPixel), Fresh Aces Videogames, Glass Bottom Games, Blind Fury Studios, Femto Kitten Games, Synaptic Switch and more have pledged to make videogames for the fundraiser, with all donations going toward the Pikes Peak American Red Cross and the Care and Share Food Bank for Southern Colorado.

The event is to kick off at 6:00 PM MDT Friday, July 6th, with all developers having 48 hours to produce a videogame to the theme of �Fire Fighting.� All games will be due for final submission Sunday night, after which they will be cleaned up and packaged into a charity bundle. Anyone donating at least $5 to the BlazeJam 2012 Fundraiser Campaign gets a copy of the bundle. �You�ll get a set of awesome games developed over a weekend by some really talented people, including some indies of particular note,� says Megan Fox, Co-Founder and CEO of Glass Bottom Games, �and you�ll know you did your part to help the victims of one of the worst wildfire seasons Colorado has ever seen. All for just $5, or about the price of an �extra value� meal.�

Additionally, auctions for video game memorabilia are to run between July 7th and July 14th, with all proceeds going to the Pikes Peak American Red Cross and the Care and Share Food Bank for Southern Colorado. “The joy of having something after you buy it fades fast,� says Marc Wilhelm, Founder of Fresh Aces Videogames, �[So] better than just buying something for the sake of having it, it�s more valuable to buy something for a purpose. That�s a feeling that lasts forever.” Parties interested in either the auctions or BlazeJam on a whole should check the BlazeJam Facebook page ( or Twitter (@BlazeJam), where the auctions and other BlazeJam related activity will be announced.

For more information on BlazeJam 2012, to join the jam, or to pledge your support, check out


About BlazeJam:
BlazeJam is the brainchild of Dave Calabrese, President/CEO of Cerulean Games, Inc. Struck by the ferocity of Colorado�s 2012 wild fire season, he wanted to do something to help its victims – and thus was BlazeJam born. For more information on Cerulean Games, Inc, please visit their website at

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