PAX Withdrawal

So another PAX East has come and gone. I wrote up daily ‘reports’ on the show over on Google+. Some of them were written under the influence of too much good beer with good friends, and none of them are particularly noteworthy or in-depth. I went to PAX purely as a spectator and didn’t corner anyone for interviews or insider information. But if anyone not on G+ wants to read them let me know and I’ll dump the raw copy into a post.

Short version: PAX was crowded and noisy and good for my soul. I was considering ditching the whole thing but Angela really wanted to go, and I’m really glad she didn’t let me follow my melancholy. I came back from the show with my love of gaming totally re-energized. Now the melancholy I’m feeling is from wanting to be back among my people!

The highlight of the show was, once again, the Tweetup. For me, it’s really the only time of the year I can sit around with serious gamers and just ‘talk shop’ for a few solid hours. We arrived at about 8:15 pm and packed it in at 2 am. My only regret is that I didn’t do a better job of mingling at it. @creeptheprophet & @grimnir_ are both people I’ve ‘known’ from afar on social networks, both were there, and other than hello and goodbye I didn’t spend time talking to either of them. I was always too engrossed in the conversation immediately around me. Maybe next year we need to set up the Tweetup like a Speed Dating Event!

Anyway, my apologies to everyone who was there that I didn’t talk to. It was definitely my loss.

Anyway, I’m back-logged on post ideas but I’m also back-logged on the day job, so I’ll do my best to get caught up. I jumped on a new Kickstarter project while waiting in line for a PAX Panel, and there’s a new project coming out today I want to talk about. Been playing some games, both old and new… lots going on, so stay tuned!

Oh, almost forgot. Turns out my phone with digital zoom is a terrible device for taking pics of fast-moving gameplay so very few of my shots are worth looking at, but Angela had a real camera, so check out her photo gallery from the show.

3 thoughts on “PAX Withdrawal

  1. I’m sorry I didn’t bug ya man. Had to leave early to move the car.

    I can say too though that I also left with my love of games renewed. I’m totally stoked about that.

  2. “I came back from the show with my love of gaming totally re-energized. Now the melancholy I�m feeling is from wanting to be back among my people!”


    I admit, I feel the same way, en toto. I ditched the plan to stay off the ‘networks for April because I missed the interaction when I realized that no, it’s not as bad as I built it up to me (although I reserve the right to prune my ‘networks without remorse).

    I think next time we’ll need to circle the tables better so that everyone is available to everyone. I hope no one felt slighted or marginalized, because that is still a real concern of mine.

  3. Angela is sneaksie. I didn’t even realize she got a picture of me. lol. Once again the tweetup was a highlight of my trip to PAX.

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