TGIF Gaming Wrap-up for 3/30/2012

It was a pretty quiet gaming week, all around, but here’s my wrap-up.

Purchases This Week
Steam had a Dungeon Siege bundle on sale for about $10 in the middle of the week. i’d wanted a digital copy of Dungeon Siege and for some reason it isn’t available as a stand-alone so I grabbed the bundle. It included DS I, II & III plus the Treasures of the Sun DLC.

Played This Week
Suddenly I was into SWTOR again, spending 8:23 playing it (according to Raptr). I wrote about finally unlocking my Legacy but since then I haven’t been back. I also spent an hour or so in Kingdoms of Amalur:Reckoning and about the same in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky.

I also spent an evening messing around in Browser Quest and checked out a demo of an indie called Cell:Emergence, which I frankly didn’t understand. After I’d uninstalled and deleted the demo, I stumbled on a video that explained the game somewhat but by then I’d moved on.

Plans For The Week To Come
Well, I’ve got a social thing to go to tomorrow, and next Friday PAX East begins, so my gaming this coming week will all happen Sunday-Wednesday, which means I doubt I’ll do very much. I’ve thinned my list down a bit, putting a few things on the back burner. Here’s my new list:

  • SWTOR (I can play alts again!)
  • KOA:Reckoning
  • Vessel
  • The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky
  • Mass Effect 1

Have a great weekend, everyone, and maybe I’ll see some of you at PAX!