Ubisoft at PAX East

Ubisoft just sent out a press release detailing their plans for PAX East, coming up in Boston on the weekend of April 6-8th. Thank you Easter Bunny!

Fanatical Dedicated Far Cry 3 fans can get a (permanent) tattoo on the show floor, choosing from several tribal designs inspired by the game. Slightly less fanatical dedicated fans can get a mohawk like the one worn by Far Cry 3 villain Vaas. Getting either a tattoo or a mohawk will also garner you a Far Cry 3 tank-top.

Assassins Creed III will not be playable but will be shown-off in an enclosed theater (which sadly means long lines, but I imagine it’ll be worth it for fans). In addition to seeing some gameplay footage you’ll get some ACIII swag for your efforts.

If you’re going to PAX East to play games, Ubisoft has you covered with playable versions of Far Cry 3, Mad Riders�, Tom Clancy�s Ghost Recon Future Soldier�, I Am Alive�, and the free-to-play PC game Tom Clancy�s Ghost Recon� Online as well as a few iOS games: Babel Rising, Monster Burner, MotoHeroz� and Prince of Persia� Classic HD.

You can also buy your way into some swag by pre-ordering a few titles on the show floor:

  • Assassin�s Creed III � Official T-shirt or SteelBook� designed by award-winning comic artist Alex Ross
  • Far Cry 3 � Bloodied pint glass
  • Tom Clancy�s Ghost Recon Future Soldier � Free limited-edition bandanna designed by Penny Arcade and a personalized lenticular photo print-out from Tom Clancy�s Ghost Recon Future Soldier

Ubisoft will be in booths 824 (next to the Xbox booth) and 836 (across the aisle form 824 and next to Square Enix). here’s a link to the show floor map [pdf].

5 thoughts on “Ubisoft at PAX East

  1. Sounds like pretty good swag. The AC III one sounds good too. Not as sure about a “bloodied pint glass’ though.

  2. will assasins creed 3 be shown public or just to people at pax east????

  3. I don’t know for sure but I’d guess that whatever they’re showing (probably a trailer) will make it onto the web within a few weeks of the end of the show. But I’m just guessing, really.

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