A break from there means more yammering here

So last night I decided to take a break from social networking. It wasn’t an easy decision since I was pretty heavily involved, mostly on Google+ these days. I filled a lot of the gaps in my day with chatting with people over there.

Lately though, I just can’t seem to get along with anyone, with the end result being that more and more often I stepped away from the computer either angry or depressed or disappointed. When things get to that stage, what’s the point in engaging, right? And unless the entire world has suddenly changed (not likely) the problem is with me, not them/you.

On the plus side (no pun intended) I’ll get back the hours I spent every day chatting with people over there. The trick will be putting those hours to good use.

And yet… already I’ve seen 3 or 4 things online that I just wanted to share with SOMEONE. Like “This is so awesome..I NEED to show it to someone!” But on the other, other hand, recently things I’ve shared mostly get a snarky response from my connections.

But here.. this is my blog! I can share whatever I want to share. And you can feel free to remove me from your RSS feed if I’m bugging you. I’m going to turn comments off since otherwise I’ll just be moving the frustrating discussions from G+ to here, but hopefully some of the stuff I share will be of interest to some of you.

I suppose this is what Tumblr is for, isn’t it? Well, no sense in me creating a Tumblr account since, knowing myself, I’ll move on to a different project in a week. 🙂

Anyway… here’s my first share. Birdman finally flies. This is pretty damned incredible.

[EDIT: Turns out this whole project was a big fake…I wanted to believe in spite of the naysayers! Oh well…]