Dear Gamefly

Dear Gamefly,

I’m sorry to say, it’s time we had The Talk. While I really appreciate that we gave Us another try, it’s just not working out for me. This time though, it’s not you, it’s me.

You promised to get better and you did. When we were last together, your turn-around times were awful. I’d spend 2 weeks or more alone each month, waiting to hear back from you. It kind of broke my heart, seeing that empty mail box every day.

You’ve gotten so much better and 2 weeks has become 4 days. Even I can be alone for 4 days without becoming sad.

So why am I leaving you? Frankly, it’s the scheduling. I’m a spontaneous soul. Mercurial! I admit it, I want what I want when I want it. Call me spoiled. Serial monogamy isn’t my style.

I’m sure I really wanted to play Alan Wake when I slipped it into my queue, but when you arrived last week with Mr. Wake in tow, I was enjoying the tender mercies of Vindictus and Guild Wars. You and Alan waited patiently, it’s true, but I started feeling guilty about ignoring you. So last night I tore myself away from those others and gave my attention to you.

Was it good for you? It wasn’t good for me. It felt somehow hollow. It felt, and please forgive me for being so blunt, it felt like a chore. Spending time with a game should never feel like a chore. Please relay my apologies to Alan Wake. I’m sure under other circumstances I would’ve been delighted with his company.

I sent you and Alan Wake away this morning, and honestly it was a relief to have you gone. Then I looked at my queue and felt little but apathy. I wanted Guild Wars. I wanted Vindictus. Hell, I even wanted EQ2. I didn’t want Alice with her Madness Returning, at least not right now. Maybe some day. But not today.

And that’s why you and I will never work out, Gamefly. I just can’t schedule my needs in advance, and I can’t bear the idea of you sitting in the living room, waiting patiently, while I’m in the office enjoying the charms of another. You deserve better than that.

I hope you find someone who can appreciate your charms, Gamefly. But I’m not that person.

But I do wish you well,


PS I still have a month left on my account so keep sending moar gamez until then, dammit!

2 thoughts on “Dear Gamefly

  1. Great.

    It’s even funnier because GameFly just sent me Alan Wake yesterday. I installed it to my HDD, then went back to replaying Oblivion.

    I’ll probably quit once the slew of great games this fall comes around. Too bad they don’t let you put your account on hiatus, preserving your queue.

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