A few more quick FF XIV tips

Server just crashed on me, figured I’d share a couple more things I’ve learned.

In case you missed it, there’s a separate configuration tool you can use to tweak graphics settings, gamepad bindings and so forth. Find it at something like “C:\Program Files (x86)\SquareEnix\FINAL FANTASY XIV Beta Version\ffxivconfig.exe”

It should be in your Start Menu too, under SQUARE ENIX -> Final Fantasy XIV Beta

I was able to set the game to full screen. Petter said he wasn’t given that choice. I’m not sure why one of us could and one couldn’t. I’ve had crash problems when Alt-Tabbing so went for a Windowed res anyway.

My Wired Xbox 360 controller wasn’t recognized by default. I hear a lot of people prefer playing with a controller. If you have one, that config tool should allow you to enable it, but you’ll have to bind commands yourself. I’m still futzing with that to get a good layout.

The IJKL keys move the camera. You can try using WSJL to move (W & S for forward & back, and J & L for turning). That can be a challenge but some folks swear by it.

Turns out you can pan the maps with IJKL too. That’ll make navigating much easier!

The following two images are copyright Square Enix… hopefully I won’t get thrown in jail for sharing them. My Open Beta account doesn’t seem to have access to the beta test site where these came from, and they can be pretty helpful:

3 thoughts on “A few more quick FF XIV tips

  1. Thank you for the awesome pictures of the keyboards! Bookmarked them so I could keep them open on the laptop while I play (until I learn where they are naturally of course). Since I am a keyboard gamer NOT a mouse gamer, movement feels just fine to me. I tweaked my settings slightly to one notch lower then the max they set me at, and the game runs beautifully. Being, well. Me, I went a crafter rout right off the start. It’s confusing, but awesome at the same time. I spent almost an hour wandering my way from the city to the first camp and talking to every single NPC I came across along the way.

    Looking forward to seeing more posts here!
    Thanks again

  2. I’m baffled that they don’t have those keyboard mappings somewhere publicly accessible. Ditto various announcements. Actually I wonder… can you access https://dev-na.ffxiv.com/ ? I have limited access. Can’t read most of the forums, can’t post, but I can at least access the ‘Game Manual’ threads and the announcements.

  3. Thanks a bunch for taking the time to share tips! I would have been completely lost without them. I hope you next tip post includes a setup for an ideal gamepad configuration.

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