DC Universe Online trailer from Comic Con

I’m sure you’ve seen this, but on the off chance you haven’t…

Now don’t go grumping at me in the comments. I fully realize a trailer like this has next to nothing to do with how the game will play; it just sets up the lore. But just forget there’s a game for a few minutes and enjoy some pretty great CGI mini-movie super-hero-ality.

I’m embedding it but I urge you to click through and watch it in HD.

3 thoughts on “DC Universe Online trailer from Comic Con

  1. Cinematic’s always look great. I’m just hoping that the game play is fun and not repetitive like all Champion’s or COH. It would be nice to play a mmo that wasn’t Fantasy based that was good for a change.

  2. Very nice – my guess (I’ve not followed this one) is that Luthor releases some virus/nano/mcguffin that increases the chances of someone developing powers. This would explain the growth in the number of newbie heroes the game will spawn.

    I’m glad they are presenting some kind of backstory, though I think they missed a bet with one they already had, “Kingdom Come.”

    I wonder if I can win the lottery between now and November…..

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