My Little Pony from Hell

Here’s a neat story (or I thought so, at least). Jason from Perfect World Entertainment sent out a PR email about a mount design contest they held for Ether Saga Online. A player who goes by “Monaka” won with her design for a “Dark Nocturne,” aka My Little Pony from Hell.

Here’s a longish video of an artist doing the coloring on the mount (you’ll probably want to skip around through it):

ishy on Broadcast Live Free

And an image of it ingame:

You can read more about the contest and the winner on the Perfect World Entertainment blog.

I have to confess I don’t play Ether Saga Online, but I have kind of a soft spot for Perfect World Entertainment since they a) published Torchlight and b) hired all-around good guy Sam Houston after he got laid off from GamerDNA.

2 thoughts on “My Little Pony from Hell

  1. That is such a cute game. I played it briefly, they have some of the neatest ideas for mounts and pets. Love the screen shot!

  2. I prefer the looks of Torchlight, this is too much weird Hello Kitty / WoW / whatever inspired… 🙂

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