Willpower saving throw…. it’s 1. I fail

Surprisingly exactly zero people who know me, I’ve caved and pre-ordered Star Trek Online.

So with all my doubts, why would I do this? Because people I like are pre-ordering and I’d like to play now when they’re playing rather then try it later when they’ve potentially moved on (even if the game is better 6-12 months after release, which I assume it will be). Classic peer pressure!

I’m generally (more non-news incoming) a solo player, but STO space combat is much more fun in groups, even if they’re auto-formed PUGs. So again, I’d rather play early while population is dense than fly around an empty low level universe a year on.

I still don’t think it’s the kind of game that’ll hook me long-term, but I’m just buying it like I would a single player game, assuming I’ll play for a month or two and then move on.

If you take a strand of spaghetti and boil it for an hour, it’ll still be more firm than my willpower when it comes to sampling MMOs. I really thought I was past that, but as soon as my order was placed I just started grinning. New adventures await!

And as a worst case situation, I’ll be able to bitch about the game from a place of hands-on experience. How’s that for making lemonade out of lemons? 🙂

10 thoughts on “Willpower saving throw…. it’s 1. I fail

  1. Way to go! Who needs willpower when your hard earned cash is going towards stimulating the economy!

    @Scopique using Cryptic’s in-game friend finder…thing. I think.

  2. I find that *all* MMOs are more fun when they launch (and the population is dense) than they are six months out (even if the bugs are fixed and the servers are more stable.)

  3. When I was close with my EQ guild folks, I had to be right there for all the new launches, too! Much more fun to be playing (DAoC, SWG, AO, EQ2) when they all played, rather than some time down the road when they were already drifting away. WoW was the one I resisted. And guess what I’m playing, now!

    I saw the STO box at Best Buy when we were looking around Christmas time, but I resisted, mostly because I don’t hang with my old EQ guild friends online much any more. I love Trek, but flying / space battles just aren’t my thing, so I don’t think it’ll lure me in, but I hope you enjoy the launch experience!

  4. Muahahahahaha. Might as well spend that money now, you can’t take it with you anyway.

    BTW – The friends list is shared between CO and STO, so you and Scopique are already on my list. See you in the open beta. 🙂

  5. Having the blog does help mitigate the downside risk of some potential wastes of time – ironically, a spectacular fail can be more entertaining than general mediocrity. 🙂

  6. Back in the day I liked being there on launch day because there’s usually SO much wrong with the game that you could get some really nice things or explore places you weren’t supposed to. I still kinda feel that way, and coming into a game after it’s been established makes me feel way behind. I like being one of the originals in a game.

    That said, I don’t like Star Trek as much as some people 😛

  7. Yeah, you know its worth mentioning that if you’re not a lover of Star Trek, you really should keep this one at arm’s length for now. They get a lot of mileage out of using ships and uniform designs out of the series (not to mention sounds). There’s a huge nostalgia element to my enjoyment (such that it is) of the game.

  8. I am going to wait on this one. I am in the open beta and from I have seen this game needs some more time in the oven. On my first away mission my human avatar was represented by a small starship that was moving along with my away team members. Finally in one battle the screen flashed and my actual human avatar shape replaced the mini starship. Characters on the ground move backwards, sideways, fire from their backs while walking away from you and other odd things. Numerous parts seem very sluggish and sometimes clicks do not register and you end up clicking a few times to do something and then all of a sudden all the clicks register at the same time causing chaos. I do think I will wait a few months and hopefully pick it up for 10-15 bucks and try it again.

  9. All that stuff is happening to me in Open Beta too. None of it happened in Closed Beta. So I’m chalking it up to them stress testing the servers and will hope for beefier hardware for launch!

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