Cross-Post: EA to lay off 1500 employees

I don’t usually do this, but since it is topical I’ll make an exception.

My blog post at ITWorld today is an opinion piece (and I wish that site emphasized posts tagged opinion more) about the EA layoffs:

Game developer Electronic Arts announces 1500 job cuts

A bit more ‘extreme’ thoughts that I didn’t feel comfortable sharing over there; I think this is a really bad sign for the so-called ‘core gamer.’ It sounds to me like EA is shifting it’s emphasis from the PC/Xbox/PS3 triad over to free-to-play web games with micro-scams… I mean micro-transactions.

I never would’ve imagined Facebook would become such a threat to “real” games.

4 thoughts on “Cross-Post: EA to lay off 1500 employees

  1. Threat AND the basis of the next round of “me too” offerings.

    Sometimes I think the game industry is a dog that chases it’s tail…round and round and round and round… 😀

    But I like dogs…so…there you go.

  2. This is public companies flailing to figure out how to record profits quarter after quarter, more than a vote for casual games over core games.

    I think smart companies will continue to make money in both the casual and core markets, but stupid companies won’t succeed at either.

    Here’s a link to an industry analyst saying that core games are a better investment for publishers than casual games…who’s right? No one really knows 🙂

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