Planetside II — WHAT?!

I just got the most curious email:


That’s right, you heard what we said! We plan to expand the PlanetSide® universe with another game and we need your help with the design. After all, who knows the game better than you, our customers, the people who actually play it! Don’t worry about the original PlanetSide, it isn’t going anywhere.

We want to hear your opinion and to do so we have put together a short survey. The information you provide will play a critical role into helping guide the development and direction of the next hit Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter. As a loyal player and experienced shooter fan, we value your input and look forward to hearing what you have to say.

With a link to a survey.

SOE is doing another Planetside game? This is the first I’ve heard of this: have I been living under a rock or is this news to all of you, too?

6 thoughts on “Planetside II — WHAT?!

  1. News to me. Maybe it will turn out better than the first one. My first thoughts upon actually logging into PlanetSide last year were “whoah, have these devs ever actually *played* an FPS before?” The UI, control, you name it, were atrocious.

  2. My impression of PlanetSide has always been it’s an FPS for people who don’t really like FPS games. It’s a bit of a fish out of water game.

  3. Never heard of the sequel. But if they can pull it off, Planetside was a great concept with poor implementation. Maybe they’ll learn from that and the second one will be worth its salt.

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