Champions Online Gamepad UI

Someone on Twitter was asking me how Cryptic handles all the skills with a gamepad.
See the X, Y & B indicators on the first 3 skills? Those are the ‘unmodified’ bindings. If you hold down a modifier like one of the triggers, those little indicators move to show which hotkeys they now map to. So they jump around dynamically.

It works pretty well, and the game is a ton of fun to play with a gamepad.

Hope this helps someone.

7 thoughts on “Champions Online Gamepad UI

  1. Using the mouse and keyboard is awkward with Champions, as I noticed pretty quickly. Most of this is because you have to hold down the button for some powers and block, and those are things more suited to a gamepad.

    I’m one of those PC games = PC keyboard and mouse folks, so it was something I had to just get used to. Still, the keystrain on my fingers is much more apparent on Champions as it is on other games, so perhaps some whizzes in the keybinding fans out there will help make it easier to play.

  2. @Frank — I don’t have any magic bullet, but I do think putting Block somewhere on the mouse helps. Also make sure you have your energy builder set to a toggle rather than a hold (that’s in the options somewhere).

    If you have a mouse with extra buttons you might be able to bind them as ‘secondary’ triggers for some of your hotslots, then make sure you put the ‘hold down’ powers in those slots?

    I also had to train myself not to ‘jam’ the keys down, like pushing them harder would make them do more damage!! 🙂

  3. Sakkara found after mapping block and the auto-attacker (energy building attacks) to her mouse, that she was much happier.

    I’m okay with the “Champions Default” key layout. In most games I trade-off back and forth between clicking powers with my mouse or keyboard. In Champions I find it works best with the keyboard, for me at least.

  4. I do wish that you could resize the hotkey bars. If you F12, you can move and resize everything it seems, but the hotkey bars do not seem to change.

  5. Thanks for the information. I might mess around with this this weekend. Add me to you gamer blog list if you feel so inclined. I will do the same.

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